How can I start? The red line to perform. But remember, for every way there’s not only one way!

Before you got to search. A short overview of what you can expect in a category.

How to clean:
How do I clean when what and how

How to mask:

Examples of how to mask with which material and technique.

How to do dent removal:

Examples of how to do dent removals, metalworks in general, and differences

How to sand:

Whether rust, putties, filler, or the last sanding before paint

How to putty:

Find examples and notes for putties and how to work with

How to fill or prime:

On what do we look for in this work

How to seal:

How to and notices about sealer in all kinds.

How to spray paint:

A point with more categories, which belongs to spray paint.

How to about tool settings:


How to finish;

How to remove paint defects, finish and polish old surfaces.

How to for different design techniques:

Different design techniques step by step.

How to proof and test surfaces:Anleitung zum Prüfen und Testen:

How could you proof surfaces and underground for paint?

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