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Finish & Preparation

Completely different topics, but still have something in common. The polishing.

The finish takes place after painting. Here, imperfections such as dust inclusions, runners, or deposited overspray (paint mist) are eliminated with various aids and the coating is given „the final polish“.

The situation is different when it comes to reconditioning. Faded surfaces, older interiors, scratched surfaces. Reconditioning has its work cut out for it. The look is „refurbished“. Used up becomes respectable. Reconditioning belongs to a complex field in the handling of polishing machines, material inserts, and basic knowledge of different substrates and material properties. This is where coatings are pushed to their limits. Preparation requires feeling and experience in the handling of used materials and tools.

Some common procedures I will show here so that you can achieve your result quickly. Due to the overlap in the topics, these are summarized below.

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