How to spray paint

and all the work steps that go with it.

Everyone who learned the job of the painter wanted to start here immediately. At the paint shop, – standing in the booth and doing great paint jobs that you usually saw in movies and on TV. However, like everywhere else, it is also true in painting, first start small.

In practice, I always say today: „First crawl, then walk“. I, too, am a friend of „throwing the apprentice in at the deep end“, but with caution. There are so many parameters to consider in a coating that can lead to the result, or cause serious errors. At this point, you should have understood some basics.

What else do we need to consider when coating? For example, we need to know how thick to apply the material. Then, in order to have the material stand up nicely on the surface, we should also know what to look for in the spraying technique. On the following pages I hope you will find what you are looking for.

You will also find instructions on how to coat different substrates under the category „Painting“. But it is also important, before we paint, how to get the right color quickly and efficiently. You can find some information on this in the color matching section.

Cleaning guide:

How to clean when, what, with what.

Instructions for spraying:

What to look for when spraying.
Instructions and tips on spraying
What is crucial for an even paint appearance
Instructions and hints for finding the right color
How and where to get color codes or the right color shade

Instructions for color swatches
What are color swatches and how to make them
Instructions and hints for shading

Refinishing color shades yourself
Instructions and hints for substrate preparation before painting
What should be checked and done before applying the paint

Cleaning in between
Spray technic
Dif. spraying courses
Color finding
Color swatch
Nuance a tone
Substrate preparation
Varnishing processes

Die Beschichtung von verschiedenen Untergründen

Jeder Untergrund weist andere Beschichtungsfaktoren (Parameter) und dazugehörigen Eigenschaften auf. Durch verschieden durchzuführende Arbeitsschritte und dem anschließend eingesetzten Material kann die Haftung eines Produktes auf dem Untergrund erhöht werden. Ebenso ist die vorher richtig ausgeswählte Materialauswahl wichtig. Ein Möbellack zum Beispiel hat nichts auf einem Auto zu suchen

Untergründe sind noch nicht alle zugeordnet

GFK Lackieren
Kunststoff Anbauteile
Metallische Untergründe
Verzinkte Untergründe
TPA Thermoplast Acryl
PMMA Acryglas
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