Checking the layer thickness

Pay attention to overcoating!

We have the possibility to measure wet or dry film thicknesses.
For wet film thickness measurements, a color measuring comb is used. This is placed in the wet layer and read off by means of the marking.
Dry paint layers are measured with a coating thickness gauge.
In refinishing, it is quite useful to determine the old coating. A thumb value for an overcoating is approx. 600µ. If a further coating is applied on top of these layer thicknesses, this will never achieve the desired result in the long term. In such cases, the customer should be informed of this and any concerns should be noted in the order.

Information on the defect pattern „Invading surface“


Calibration and substrate material

Without calibration or „zeroing“, the value in the measurement may be falsified.
In the calibration, the substrate is checked for magnetism. If it is not magnetic, a message is displayed and the instrument switches to Aluminium. Subsequently, the test piece should be „zeroed“ again.


Perform coating thickness measurement

In order to determine if an object has been overcoated, or if it has been coated at all, comparative measurements should be made at several points.

Messung der Schichtstärke

Measure suspected or repaired points

Trained eyes can usually see from distinctive points whether a surface has already been processed. If there are conspicuous features, such as surface structure, color gradient, or incorrectly fitted seals, this can lead to concerns. Here, the coating thickness gauge should be used and various points on the component measured.


Measurable substrates

With the current measuring instruments it is possible to detect metals (Fe) and aluminum substrates. For this purpose, the exact data should be taken from the operating instructions.
Plastics, woods or fiber composites cannot be measured. Here it is only possible to measure the wet film with the aid of a paint comb. Otherwise, only an expert’s view or, in the worst case, a sanding test can help here in the old coating.

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