Painter with Spraygun

Chalking and fading of color tones

The color tone becomes mottled, gray-milky. Destroyed pigments or overaged paint burdened by environmental influences.

      • Sources of defects:
        • Weather influences such as intense UV radiation, rain, temperature fluctuations.
        • Poor surface care. Surfaces that are well maintained withstand environmental influences longer
        • Dissolution of the binder in the paint application.
        • Destroyed paint particles by UV light „crumble“ from the surrounding binder.
      • Fault prevention:
        • Apply materials for outdoor use with integrated UV protection.
        • Cheaper materials could be painted over with a UV stable clear coat (observe manufacturer’s specification and its possibilities).
      • Reparaturweg
        • Start with basic paint preparation. If polishing and waxing do not produce an adequate result here, the only option is a renewed paint buildup
      • What happens in this process?
        • In 2-K 1-coat paints, pigments are embedded in binders. Thus, they are completely exposed to UV radiation. Due to incorrect/bad care and the aging process, pigments and binders are attacked and destroyed. The „bleeding“ of the components is perceived as chalking with the familiar „gray haze“. A striking feature of this type of damage is that it is predominantly older vehicles with red surfaces that are affected.

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