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Painting defects by the user

one of the biggest culprits is ourselves

Mistake?! I don’t make any!
In truth a point not to be underestimated, which I did not invent, but also partly with some humans, but also in such a way experienced. Due to the user human, there are many possibilities to cause errors.

Painting errors:

All previous errors in the listing can be caused by carelessness. Some error sources I mention as an example, however, this list is unfortunately already almost infinite.

    • Error sources:
      • Overconfidence
      • Excessive demands
      • Stress
      • Deadline pressure
      • Quarrel
      • Oppression
      • Mobbing
      • Worries
      • Indifference
      • …. a list which can become very long by extensions
    • Error prevention:
      • Basically, it is very difficult to write generalized answers at this point. Here you have to decide for yourself how seriously you take the task of the painter. There are special contacts for problems in the company or the training facility.
      • Likewise, as described several times on this page, there are some basics that are needed in practice to celebrate and experience results and achievements.
      • Don’t give up and keep at it. Ask questions in the right places and find solutions.
      • PATIENCE, no master has fallen from the sky!
    • Self-reflection:
    • The art of looking for faults in yourself, owning up to them, and turning them off. Do you know the phrases:
      • „The material was, ….“
      • „The gun was,.“
      • „The weather, the sun,…“
  • As a former application engineer, I can say 99.8% of processed complaints and complaints about materials ended up coming out as user error. I don’t mean to say that material or tool defects don’t exist, but that a lot of defects can be eliminated on their own with a little thought. Small but subtle characteristics that the material has in it and a small improper execution of a job, can cause great damage.

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