überschichtung fett lackiert

Fat or greasy lacquer surface.

The excessive and unnecessary coating method. The surface looks greasy

  • Recognition characteristics:
    • A deep, fatty appearance.
  • Sources of error:
    • The nozzle size used is too large.
    • The painting technique is too slow.
    • Too little distance to the object when painting.
    • The material has been „cast or driven“.
  • Error prevention:
    • Check the painting technique. If you draw too slowly over the object with the gun, the material will swell. This also creates this bold greasy look. In some cases, you can also see differences in transparency in the clear coat.
    • Materials today no longer need to be applied so thickly to deliver an adequate result.
    • Check the spray gun and settings before painting.
  • Repair path:
    • If after drying the coating has no boils and the surface has only become dull, it can be corrected by light sanding followed by polishing.
    • In the case of coatings that have formed boils, correction can only be carried out by repainting, which also involves removal down to load-bearing and untouched substrate.