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Poor opacity of used materials

Lack of opacity has to do with several parameters.

  • Sources of errors:
    • Incorrectly selected background colors, such as the filler gray level. In the industry, possibly the incorrectly selected color shade in the filler. In the case of color-adjusted filler substrates, the shade should only deviate slightly from the tone, so that a small difference can still be seen when the coating is applied. This, of course, also saves a large proportion of costs in the further coating process, since less material is required.
    • Coating too thin.
    • Material viscosity is too low.
    • Substrates that were sanded through in places were not covered with primer or filler.
    • Wrong choice of material.
  • Error prevention:
    • Select the correct gray shade or filler color.
    • Block off sanded-through areas with primers or fillers.
    • Process material according to technical information.
  • Way of repair:
    • For basecoats that have not yet been overcoated with clearcoat, apply another coat, if necessary remix and adjust the color if the viscosity is too low.
    • Topcoats that have been on for a long time must be allowed to dry through. Then sand and paint again.
  • Notice:
    Light colors usually have reduced opacity. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the correct substrate is used. When using grayscale in the primer or filler applications, pay attention to the correct grayscale!
    The grayscale pushes through the translucent topcoat and thus shifts the color tone. Poorly covering or light shades are shifted.
    -> Reflection / Absorption
    For example, if a dark base is applied to a light translucent color, it will shine through. This is intensified by the absorption and reflection of the background. The light rays dip into the dark and the dark is reflected back upwards.
    Thus, the light hue gets a dark pressure from below and becomes dirty overall, or drifts into the dark.

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