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PPE  the Personal Protective Equipment

In my opinion, one of the most important factors in the trade when it comes to our health. This applies not only in painting but generally in all areas where you can protect yourself.

Don’t think about the result, think about your health first!

Personal protective equipment is indispensable. Whether grinding, drilling, axing or painting. It is elementary important for the user.

It consists of protective aids for


the eyes,


the ears,


mouth and nose, in general – the lungs


the body,


the hands,


and the feets.

For each trade, for each activity and given localities, different ways of protection are recommended or given.

For the work before and during painting are necessary:

  • Safety shoes (solvent resistant)
  • Safety goggles
  • Coarse dust mask
  • A2P3 respirator mask
  • Hearing protection (depending on the work)
  • Work gloves and disposable gloves.
  • Special gloves are used when working with harsh solvents or acids.
  • Work clothes
  • Painting suit
  • possibly skin protection

Remember, you only have ONE health!

More information about PPE and wearing time limits can be found in the DGUV 209-014 and 112-190 (only valid in Germany), but again, „other countries, other customs“. My personal recommendation: „Protect yourself as much as possible!“

Useful example products* for your health – follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use!

Work clothing
Respiratory protection masks A2P3
Coarse dust masks FFP2 or FFP3
Disposable nitrile gloves
Paint suits disposable – reusable
Protective goggles
Eye wash
First aid kit
Hearing protection

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