Materials that recur in coating technology

  • Plastic
    The list of plastics processed today is long. In Germany, there is a labeling obligation. This states that every component produced must have a stamp indicating which material it is made of.
    This is the starting point in the painting process. However, caution is also required here, as recycled materials are becoming more and more common. In refinishing (car repair), it is still quite clear and accurate. But in industry, preliminary tests are almost always necessary.
  • Metal / Aluminium
    Metal is metal? Absolutely not!
    Knowing the alloy is also an advantage. But it is not written on the sheet. Here we can examine visually. The difference between hot-dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing can be easily seen. So can a bare untreated piece of sheet metal.
    It is also difficult with aluminum. Most commercially available products are tested for the common materials and approved in the Technical Information. Unfortunately, there are also a few outliers. Therefore, for larger projects, always make a test first!
  • Wood and mixed materials such as solid wood, particleboard, and MD- or HDF
  • Stone / Marble
  • Glass / Tiles
    Glass and Tiles are becoming more and more popular. Great designs can be achieved on these surfaces.
  • Concrete / Plaster

You can not necessarily narrow down in the painting, which substrates are common. In refinish (car painting), for example, it is plastic and metal. Occasionally aluminum or glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). Carpenters who have their own paint shops or paint departments usually deal with wood or wood-based materials.
In the industry, there is no accurate statement about this. There are hardly any materials that cannot be coated there. Even rubber-like materials can be coated with the right materials under special circumstances.

Overview common substrates to paint

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